However, this

However, this However, this pleasure and understanding of need of process should not weaken your determination to put it a reasonable end.

The child should not break furniture, burn curtains, torment a cat, etc.

Moreover, he should not ignore your requirement to go to bed in time or to clean teeth.

But as its nature, naturally, strives for the greatest comfort, it will try to do it.

You are ready to allow it it?

But such freedom will cause a loss to its health and your property.

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It is also

It is also The child with the problems, doubts and fears plunges into a uniform field of cultural values, traditions, aspirations.

It is also a basis of our therapy!

THERAPY OF SCHOOL EDUCATION I never to Kitezh laughed at lessons!

Valentin the th class after a week of stay in Kitezh We train children for adult life in big and such unclear even for adults the world.

And to survive in our society, it is necessary to have good brains.

At good school study is almost identical to intellectual development.

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When my father

When my father Knowing that he so wants it, I did not want to offend him therefore I tried as could.

I talked to mother, and she agreed that I should try, from it the stepfather will better feel.

I called him the father some time, but it sounded so unnaturally.

I already had a father therefore silly to call so someone else.

When my father married for the second time, my stepmother who was pleasant to me, wanted that I called her mother.

I knew, how it it ho couples therefore, despite my unwillingness, I arrived as demanded from me.

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The speech

The speech Psychological development the V group.

Features of the speech Underdevelopment of phonemic hearing.

The speech is nasalized.

Articulation device.

The Gothic sky, a smoothness of nosogubny folds, slackness in mimic muscles.

Performance of any articulations the accuracy, differentiation is broken.

The sinkineziya of articulations is noted.

The mouth is often open.

Language between teeth.

Breath weak, the exhalation is truncated.

Polymorphic violation of a sound pronunciation.

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They speak: Mother

They speak: Mother They differ in it from adults, but that do not know.

They speak: Mother and the father so arrive.

But, there where at acts of adults there is a social context, the social atmosphere, teenagers drink simply to become tipsy or as selfaffirmation.

Naturally, it corresponds to about what Rhett spoke: So far you, adults, can savor all evening a glass of wine or potyagi to vat one bottle of beer, the teenager will not be limited to it we drink to get drunk.

And me it too forces to shudder for fear.

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